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Resume Search & Processing Candidates

By having all candidates funneled into one database, you can quickly find candidates with the right qualifications.

ImageTechnology will also make processing candidates a more streamlined process, which will track all of the actions taken, identify bottlenecks and ensure consistency.

To assist in finding the best candidates to fill positions, ResumeWare offers these features:

  • Resume folders where you can manually place resumes or have the system automatically place new resumes in the folder based on your search criteria.
  • Folders that can be shared with other staffing professionals.
  • Advanced search to allow full Boolean search strings.
  • Hiring Managers can have the ability to perform limited resume searches (if desired).

When processing candidates, ResumeWare will record the history of all actions, and allow all users to see the past actions taken. After you find the right candidates, you can utilize ResumeWare to:Image

  • Record answers to prescreen questions that are saved with the candidate's record.
  • Forward resumes to Hiring Managers and obtain their feedback via email. The system also will send reminders if no response is given, and allow you run reports on responses.
  • Automatically change candidates to applicants based on your applicant definition.
  • Generate "no thank you" letters (hard copy or email).
  • Schedule interviews and send out Outlook or Notes appointments, with interview forms as attachments or online.
  • Send the candidate via email, interview information and application to fill out ahead of time.
  • Capture consistent post interview dispositions and gender/ethnicity data.
  • Customize different offer worksheets and route offers for approval via email.
  • Prompt to begin background and drug screens (email or link to vendor).
  • Generate a variety of offer letters, with different details depending on data entered in the offer worksheets.
  • Remove job postings from web sites and job boards automatically when requisitions are filled.
  • Run reports on reasons candidates decline offers.

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ResumeWare has recently gone live with another "Process Partner" for automated Background Check Integration, this time with LexisNexis. Read more about it...

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