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Capturing Resumes

While paper resumes and emails provide the candidate information, there is a better way than shuffling through papers and manually searching through emails.

ImageWith a resume database, you can find the right candidates quickly and easily. And when you drive all your resumes through a database, you will have a one-stop resume source. This eliminates duplication of effort and duplication of candidates.

ResumeWare can set up your resume database to include:

  • Different resume forms for different types of candidates (external, internal, employee referral, agency, etc.).
  • Duplicate checking to encourage candidates to update existing resumes instead of entering multiple copies.
  • Styles that will conform to the look and feel of your existing site (or we can create one for you).
  • The ability for candidates to upload soft copies of resumes, and in addition to the data in the form, you can see a pdf version of the originally formatted resume.
  • Inclusion of screening/ranking questions can be added based on departments, specific jobs, or other criteria.
  • Links for postings on job boards that take candidates directly to your online form and automatically fill in data (source, requisition numbers, etc).
  • Automated thank you letters and voluntary disclosure forms to capture applicant tracking information instantly.
  • Special urls to pass source and other pertinent data directly to the resume form, which is ideal for splash pages and special events.

Common questions about online resume forms:Image

What happens if I still want to receive hard copies of resumes?
ResumeWare can assist you in setting up your scanners to upload resumes, or if the volume is high, we can work with outside scanning vendors (or recommend one to you).

If candidates do not have a soft copy of their resume to upload, how can the get their resume in the database?
An optional custom resume builder is available, walking candidates through all the questions commonly found on a resume (education, past experience, etc.).

How do you accommodate users that may not have internet access?
You can set up a computer in your staffing office and use it as a kiosk. The computer does not have to be fancy - any computer with internet access will work.

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ResumeWare has recently gone live with another "Process Partner" for automated Background Check Integration, this time with LexisNexis. Read more about it...

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We now have a complete Recruiting Support Services division at ResumeWare that can act as an extenstion to your exisitng team and assist in a variety of ways.

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