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Reporting & Analytics

Accurate and reliable reports are a cornerstone of any staffing organization. Not only are they important to the people in staffing, but for management as well.

ImageResumeWare is a very powerful reporting tool, and has a complete package of standard reports designed to support organizations employing best HR practices. Each report has a series of search criteria, which varies from report to report, and the access to the reports can be limited by the user access level.

Overview of Standard Reports:

Candidate Information

  • Candidate Listing - shows candidates who have submitted resumes.
  • Candidate Location - shows candidates who have submitted resumes, by location.
  • Daily Candidate - shows candidates who have submitted resumes, each day.
Requisition Reports
  • Recruiter Requisition Activity - shows requisitions by recruiter.
  • All Requisition Summary - shows a summary of all requisitions.
  • Hiring Worksheet - shows hiring specifics.
  • Requisition Candidate - shows candidate activity by requisition.
Sourcing Reports
  • Source Summary - shows sources by percentage.
  • Specific Source Summary - shows specific sources by percentage.
Recruiter Reports
  • Recruiter Resume Status - shows candidate activity by recruiter.
  • Recruiter Activity - shows general recruiter activity.
  • Time To Fill - shows time between when the requisition was made active and when a start date was accepted.
  • Future Review - shows candidates scheduled for future review.
Hiring Manager Reports
  • Manager Resume Review Listing - shows resumes reviewed by managers.
  • Manager Resume Review Status - shows how long reviews have taken.
  • Manager Interview Listing - shows interviews by manager.
  • Drug Screen - shows status of drug screens.
  • Background Check - shows status of background checks.
Administration Reports
  • Manager Offer - shows offers by manager.
  • Hiring Summary - shows information on hires.
  • Decline Summary - shows information on declines.
  • Interview Log - shows information on interviews.
Diversity Reports
  • Applicant Tracking - shows applicant flow data.
  • Adverse Impact Ratio Analysis - shows job groups where females/minorities are under represented.
Custom Reports:Image

Any of the standard reports can be customized for your organization. When setting up your ResumeWare system, we will ask you to provide any reports you currently use to ensure that we gather all the needed information. From there we can generate customized reports that display the information you are used to seeing. And if new needs arise, we can design customized reports, and reports can be automatically sent out to users and non-users on a regular schedule. If you are interested in pulling your own reports, we can set up ResumeWare to work with Crystal Reports so you can create ad hoc reports in minutes.

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Easy Integration

ResumeWare can interface with your process partners such as background check companies, relocation vendors, health screeners, etc. This eliminates duplication of data entry and helps with tracking.

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