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Automatic Job Posting and Distribution

Internet job boards are a great way to reach the candidates you seek.

ImageBut manually posting the jobs, keeping track of what jobs are on what boards, and removing the postings when requisitions are filled or closed can be a daunting task.

Take all the work out of internet job postings by utilizing ResumeWare to:

  • Power the job postings on your corporate web site. Jobs are available for view, as soon as they are made active, and the look and feel will match your corporate site.
  • Automatically send out jobs to outside boards. Data on your requisitions will be mapped to the data used by outside boards (location, expertise, etc).
  • Send jobs automatically based on the criteria you select, or you can manually choose the job boards when making the requisition active.
  • Set up posting rules so you can send all jobs to some boards, and only specialized jobs to niche boards.
  • Track the number of postings you have on any job board.
  • Send custom links embedded in the postings so when candidates click on "apply", they go directly to the position, and their resume is marked with the requisition number and the job board as the source.
  • Meet your compliance goals by sending jobs to local government employment agency boards and diversity focused boards automatically.

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News & Updates

ResumeWare has recently gone live with another "Process Partner" for automated Background Check Integration, this time with LexisNexis. Read more about it...

Reporting - Have it your way!

Customized reports are included in all ResumeWare installations, and you can connect your favorite enterprise reporting suite too!

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