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Connections to HRIS and Process Partners

To populate position, department, and other data, ResumeWare can import directly from your HRIS system.

ImageThis eliminates redundant database maintenance and ensures data accuracy. In addition, ResumeWare can export new hire data back to your HRIS system and to process partners.

The benefits of data transfer between systems include:

  • Data validation to minimize data entry errors.
  • Regularly scheduled uploads of data to ResumeWare ensure that data entered is accurate and consistent.
  • Populating new systems with existing requisition and resume data so you can hit the ground running.
  • Exporting new hire data to other systems (benefits, payroll, and HRIS, etc.)
  • New hire notifications or automatic "tickets" for facilities, telecomm, IT and other departments.
  • Direct links to background check, drug screen and pre-employment test vendors.
  • Uploading resumes purchased from resume databases, or scanned in by vendors.

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News & Updates

ResumeWare has recently gone live with another "Process Partner" for automated Background Check Integration, this time with LexisNexis. Read more about it...

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