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Candidate Relationship Management Tools (CRM)

Getting candidates into your resume database is only part of good recruiting.

ImageMaintaining communications, and reaching out to those who may not be ready to submit a resume, are key tools in having access to the best candidates possible.

ResumeWare has a variety of tools specifically designed for candidate resource management, including:

  • Email to a friend - makes it easy for visitors to your site to send job postings to friends, with links to all the job details and the resume form
  • Email messenger - passive job seekers use a form to enter keywords and data that would match positions they want to hear more about. When new requisitions are opened, if the job matches the candidate's search criteria, they receive an email with a link to the job posting and resume form.
  • Targeted communications - set up special emails or newsletters to targeted groups. Can be utilized with outside mailing lists, or sent to candidates that are already in your database. Ideal for career events and special hiring initiatives.
  • Job skills database - keep up-to-date information on the skill sets of your existing employees.
  • Online chat - give candidates an opportunity to communicate directly with recruiters, hiring managers or employees.
  • Virtual career fair - create your own online career event
  • Surveys and feedback forms- whether you are asking candidates for their feedback or employees for their opinion, surveys are an excellent way to gather valuable information and let people know their views count.

It is important to deliver your recruitment message directly to the audience you want to reach. By speaking directly to your audience, you will peak their interest and show your commitment.Image

Professionals - Deliver the right message tailored for a specific group of professionals.
College - Create a one stop for information of interest to graduating students.
Employee Internal Opportunities - Make employees aware that they can grow without leaving the company, and manage their submissions.
Employee Referrals - Market your referral program and provide a secure way for employees to enter and track their referrals.
Global Talent - Deliver your message and receive information in the candidate's local language.

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