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Recruiting Agency and Contract Labor Module

Recruiting Agencies and Contract Labor Vendors are vital to staffing, and it is important to track effectiveness and ensure that only authorized agencies submit candidates.

ImageUtilize ResumeWare to get the most of your agency relationships. You will get the candidates you need, and the agency will get the credit when they deliver.

As part of the Agency Module, you can:

  • Ensure that only authorized agencies are given access to submit resumes.
  • Control which requisitions the agency can use to submit resumes.
  • Assign requisitions to a single agency or a group of agencies, and have them notified automatically when they have a requisition ready.
  • Customize your resume form to include agency information.
  • Instantly notify agencies if the resume they are submitting is already in the company database (eliminates duplication).
  • Record the agency name on the resume so you can track effectiveness and the agency knows the resumes they submit will be credited to them.
  • Route resumes directly to Hiring Managers, or to Staffing personnel for review first.
  • Allow agencies to update and remove resumes.
  • Send automated emails to the candidate to obtain applicant tracking information.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We now have a complete Recruiting Support Services division at ResumeWare that can act as an extenstion to your exisitng team and assist in a variety of ways.

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