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Recruiting Support

Our recruiting support services division provides the helping hands when and where you need them.

ImageThe Recruiting Support Services team at ResumeWare is ready and able to help, we will be there when you need us and gone when you don't. From simple requisition management all of the way to complete Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) our flexible approach is designed to solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

While we like to consult with our clients and help them design the support services package that is best suited to their current needs, here are some of the basic offerings that can be combined to provide your ideal solution:

  • Contract Recruiters
  • If you need immediate recruiting assistance to help fill a short term need, our group of Contract Recruiters can make all of the difference. Experienced, professional, and trained on ResumeWare - these recruiters can join your team and help shoulder the load for as short or long term as your needs require.

  • Requisition Management
  • In today's lean staffing environment, we often see Recruiters spending too much of their day performing routine administrative tasks that go along with the recruiting function. This results in less than optimum performance from a professional who is best utilized when they are spending their time recruiting candidates and selling them on your opportunities. In this case, we can help by assigning Requisition Managers who will handle the simpler tasks for your Recruiter, such as posting requisitions, reviewing candidates, forwarding qualified resumes to hiring managers, etc. This frees the Recruiter to focus on more important tasks and provide a strategic advantage to the company.

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • When you have a recruiting staff that is ready and able to close on candidates but just needs that little edge in sourcing qualified leads to work from, this is the ideal service. Our Sourcing Researchers will leave no stone unturned in their quest to provide resumes and profiles of candidates that posses the exact skills your are seeking. The resumes can be inserted into your database and routed into a special folder ready for action by your recruiters.

  • Permanent Placement
  • When your need assistance with those hard to fill positions, we can source candidates, screen and interview them, present them to you and the Hiring Manager and fill the position all without burdening your already overworked staffing team.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Sometimes it is best to simply outsource the entire recruiting effort for a specific functional area or location where there is a need for immediate recruitment expertise in a location where you do not have a staffing team or a functional area that requires lots of specialized experience. In these cases our team can step in and as a direct extension of your team and handle the entire recruitment process from beginning to end, and they can be gone as soon as the task is done whether that takes a week, a month or a year.
Sure, there are many providers of Recruiting Support Services, however utilizing the talented team at ResumeWare has some distinct benefits.

  • Simplified Vendor Relations
  • Your existing ResumeWare Project Manager will work with you and the Recruiting Support Services Team Lead assigned to your account to ensure smooth transfer of knowledge and requirements. This allows you to take advantage of the working relationship you already have in place, and the detailed knowledge of your processes and style that your Project Manager has gained to get everyone up to speed quickly. Also, since ResumeWare is already an authorized vendor, approvals from purchasing can be streamlined further adding to our ability to start working as soon as you say go.

  • Training Will Be Eliminated
  • Well, of course training will not be eliminated, but it will certainly be removed from your plate. Whether you need one member of our team or several of them, ResumeWare will ensure they are all trained on the details of your system and are able to be an effective extension of your staff right away.

  • Technology Enhancements For Free
  • If you engage the Recruiting Services Team on a larger scale project that requires some additional functions to be included in your current ResumeWare system to enable the team to perform the desired services those additions to your system will be implemented at no additional cost to you. Of course all of our engagements include extensive reporting as well, to allow you to track the results of our team.

  • Pricing Discounts
  • While cost is never a good determiner of quality vendor services, it is good that exisiting ResumeWare clients are eligible for sizable discounts on all of the Recruiting Support Services that we offer.

If your are interested in learning more about how our Recruiting Services Team can help you, please Contact Us today.

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