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System Maintenance and Upgrades

Unlike an 'off the shelf' ATS, you will not be forced to accept system changes or upgrades.

ImageYou decide what and when changes will take place.

We will, of course, advise you of new developments and technology advancements for your consideration. When changes are requested by you -- or recommended by us -- we will establish an upgrade schedule so you will know well in advance and can plan for the potential impact on your workflow.

Did You Know?

News & Updates

ResumeWare has recently gone live with another "Process Partner" for automated Background Check Integration, this time with LexisNexis. Read more about it...

Uptime Guaranteed

Not only have we had an exceptional uptime record, we back it up with a solid money back guarantee. If the system is unavailable due to unplanned downtime for more than 5 minutes during a calendar month, we'll refund that month's hosting and maintenance fees.

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