Started by progressive thinkers with a dedication to customer service.


Our history begins at Howard and Edwards Worldwide - a recruitment advertising agency started by progressive thinkers with a dedication to customer service.

Our History

Many of our clients came to us with a problem - existing HRIS systems were great for overall Human Resource management, but they were not designed with recruitment and staffing as a focus. Our clients needed a way to automate their recruiting processes, share information with the entire recruitment team, and make labor intensive applicant tracking reports more manageable. Some "out of the box" staffing-focused software packages existed, but they were not flexible enough to meet specific client needs or interface with HRIS systems and outside process partners.

The Interactive Department at Howard and Edwards started off by designing customized solutions for our clients. Once these systems were in place and proven successful, it became apparent that many other companies could benefit from these systems. To get a good understanding of staffing best practices for a variety of industries and companies, we hired some great recruiters (a few of our clients, actually!) to design what is now known as ResumeWare.

Howard and Edwards was quickly acquired by industry leader Monster Worldwide. This provided ResumeWare with all important the backing of a strong, global organization as well as our famous "boutique" style of outstanding customer service and support.

In 2006 ResumeWare was officialy spun off into a new corporation, ResumeWare Services, Inc. All along the way we have maintained our core team members, loyal clients and our unwavering dedication to fanatical customer service.

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ResumeWare is a proud to be a sponsor and partner of the Sentinels of Freedom program. Read about the program and get involved!

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Customized reports are included in all ResumeWare installations, and you can connect your favorite enterprise reporting suite too!

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